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How to Save Money at an American Golf Resort

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If you are in the process of planning a trip to an American golf resort in the near future, then you are probably already quite excited about the idea of going on your golf trip. After all, nothing beats spending some time in the great outdoors on a beautiful day, golfing and spending time with friends and family. However, as you began to research your trip, you may have found that the prices associated with staying in an American golf resort can get to be quite high.I was looking for more information and found it

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Bringing the Whole Family to an American Golf Resort

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We are living in a very busy world. Between work and school commitments, social activities and hobbies, it can seem like all of your family members are running in different directions. A family vacation is a great time to reconnect and spend some quality time together.
If you love to golf, a golf resort probably sounds like the perfect vacation spot for you. However, some people are afraid that a golf resort would not work well for a family vacation. Even if the rest of your family does not love golfing as much as you do,

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Why You Should Stay at an American Golf Resort

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One of the main reasons to play golf at an American resort is to play where the champions have played. Doral, Pebble Beach, the Greenbrier, and other resorts have not only regularly hosted PGA or USGA events, but they often offer four to five star dining and accommodations as well.

American resort golf often features impeccably groomed courses and high-quality service staff. For example, one can stay at a five-star hotel and play a course that will be hosting a Ryder Cup

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Seeing the Country’s Best Golf Resorts

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If you want to see the best golf resorts in the country, there are a couple of things you can do. You can check the internet or you can actually hit the road. Unfortunately, the internet can only really give you so much and unless you happen to live in a prime location to drive to all of these different courses, it can be quite the exodus. So how do you see all the best golf courses this country has to offer?

Elementary, really. You turn on the television. Lots of televisions programming providers like have oodles of channels devoted to sports as a whole – including golf. If you can’t make it to the Greenbrier in West Virginia or the gorgeous Pebble Beach golf resort on the coast of California, you can likely catch a game on the television featuring these world famous golf resorts.

You have plenty of options when it comes to actually seeing these golf resorts, but whatever you do, make sure that you make plans to, at some point in the future, see these resorts for yourself. Television can be great for bridging the gap and all but there’s seeing a resort through the TV and then there’s actually seeing one in person – hearing the birds, smelling the grass, etc.

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Best American Golf Resorts in 2012

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Golfing has become one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. What makes golf so appealing is that the sport can be played by men and women of just about any age. Additionally, there is a handicapping system that allows less experienced golfers to become competitive with their more advanced opponents. Due to golf’s increasing popularity, there are several golf resorts available for golfers all over the world. Below are just a few of the top American Golf Courses of 2012.

The Greenbrier

Located in White Sulfer Springs, WV,

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American Golf Resorts Most Popular With Foreign Tourists

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Golf remains a very popular international sport, as such players who find themselves with the opportunity to visit America are in a position to make use of the courses that can be found there. Playing on a new course can be challenging and offer golfers the chance to see and experience first hand courses that are famous the world over. Choosing to visit any course on your trip can be an opportunity that would be sorely missed if you fail to make

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Major Tournaments Held at American Golf Resorts in 2012

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Seeing a major tournament live and in person can be a dream come true for any golfer who holds a passion for the sport. Learning more about what major tournaments are held at American resorts will give you the information you need to make such a dream into a reality. Choosing to plan a vacation or an upcoming business trip around such an opportunity can give you a once in a life time chance to see the professionals as they compete in a major tournament.

The game of golf

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Most Affordable Golf Resorts in America

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Are you looking for a budget friendly golf resort in America? You should consider heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There is not just one course to choose from; the area offers packages for food and lodging and there are more than 100 courses in the area.

Another great choice is located near Las Vegas. You might consider a visit to the Prim Nevada Golf Resort. The resort offers three courses rated in the top 100, according to ”

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Top Five Golf Resorts in America

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Playing golf in America’s top resorts canbe a great feeling. When you play at only the best places, then you are definitely going to enjoy your trip. Pebble Beach Pebble beach remains to be one of the best golf courses in the world beating out golf courses all over the nation. The water and pure beauty that can be experience could truly be a golfer’s dream. Bandon Dunes Resort This resort offers a highly respected golf course and beautiful hotels nearby. The ocean is stunningly beautiful to watch while you are playing, more details, and if you like nightlife that is more low key, this is the place to be. The Greenbrier This golf course was built back in the late 1700s, so this is quiet an antique golf course. It is definitely a great program that has gained a huge number of attention, and because of their wonderful recreational activities, family members who don’t play golf will still enjoy themselves. Pinehurst Resort This resort has 8 different courses with famous course designer Tom Fazio creating one of the courses. They have a beautiful set of golf courses, and any golfer would love playing at all 8 of them during a vacation. Reunion The Reunion golf resort is located right in Florida, and with the Annika Academy, golfers who are looking to play seriously will truly enjoy this.